Ambigram Tattoos

Have you tried seeing and reading a word in upside down direction? This is a actually a form of Ambigram. Ambi means both and Gram means letter. Thus, Ambigram are the words, which can be read in various directions. These words read exactly same or form a new word completely.

Ambigrams are of various types. They are 3-D types, reflective types and rotational types. But, the most popular ones are the rotational ambigrams. These are also known as the flipscript. In this type, the words spell exactly the same way both vertically and horizontally. Ambigrams are commonly used as Ambigram tattoos. They are also used as commercial logos, music albums, graphic designs and many more.

The Ambigram tattoo ideas have become extremely popular these days. Their uniqueness and creativity have made them popular. The Ambigram constellation tattoos are clear and impressive in nature. If you’re looking for making tattoos, it is suggested to go for the Ambigram tattoos now-a-days.