Aqua Tattoos

In recent years, aqua tattoos have become more and more popular. Some people get them for the art or as memorial, some get them to express their personalty and passions, or for no reason at all but just ‘coz they look pretty. For sure, they look pretty…Imagine having an aqua tattoo with bubbles! If you are looking for colorful and stylish tattoos then aqua tattoos can make a great choice for you.

The Aqua tattoo ink is a dark turquoise tattoo ink developed for Boris from Hungary. Examples of mind blowing aqua tattoo ideas and designs include the nature aqua tattoo on the muscles or biceps; colorful aqua tattoo designs on the back of underwater creatures like a turtle, a dolphin, a seahorse, an octopus, a hammerhead; or even, aqua designs with different inks, be it red or black – bloody shark! Other amazing ideas and designs include aqua tattoo graphics. For example, the tribal aqua, or the aqua ying yang tattoo. All are awesome taste!

Each time we look for new aqua tattoo ideas, we find out that these unlimited ideas for aqua tattoos seem to be developed not day by day but hour by hour. I mean, the aqua tattoo is flawless for people who want a state of the art tattoo on their body. So, go ahead – select a motif you like and decorate your body!

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