Aquarius Tattoos

The Aquarian’s symbol is the water bearer pouring it out into the world. This comes from the Greek word aqua meaning water. They can also be shown as an urn or pot pouring water out of it as well as water by itself.
A final example used to depict Aquarius is two zig-zag lines, one on top of the another, however, these are not as popular as they once were.
The water bearer spilling water from an urn is used to represent the flow of good energy into the world that Aquarians are known for. Aquarians often have a desire to fight injustice and seek balance and harmony in the world.
They are naturals at being happy alone and have great discipline in their lives. This is what flavors good Aquarius tattoo ideas.
These above traits are shown in the best Aquarius tattoo designs and encompass their traits of recognition of others, equality, and fairness for all.