Arabic Tattoos

Arabic tattoos are not only beautiful and attractive but they have their own cultural and religious meaning. This tattoos attracts the people from all around the world.


Arabic is very beautiful language. Some of tattoos categories are:

1 ) Love:
this tattoo is most famous and loved by all. In this a love is written in Arabic language. This tattoo is symbol of love for others .We can made this tattoo on our arm .ankle .shoulder,etc .it will look good.


2) Peace:
in Arab there is a tattoos for peace.Peace written in Arabic language. They can spread a environment of peace through a tattoo.This is a easy easy way to spread a message of peace.


3) Name:
many people, who love Arabic Tattoos, get their name tattooed in Arabic looks very great and attractive.This is very popular and common type of Arabic tattoos.

4) Poems:
most people tattooed a beautiful poem in Arabic language & it s look very good.

Like these there are so many categories of Arabic Tattoos, e.g Forgiveness,Expression of feelings,Faith,etc.