Aries Tattoos

Having the first sign on the zodiac wheel as the Aries, Aries tattoos have several meanings that inspire people to have the tattoo on them. The tattoo is, however, most preferred by people born between 21 March and 19 April since the Aries is the zodiac sign for that period and also signifies strength.

The Aries as a constellation of the zodiac is denoted by two ram horns which can be tattooed on a person using very different designs with the most common designs involving the whole head of the ram with horns and mostly given a personal touch depending on the person. Some Aries tattoos ideas may include the tattoo of a woman holding the ram’s horns or even two ram heads facing each other or just one head with the ram’s horn on flames.

However, the Aries tattoos are mostly large and are often ideal to be tattooed on the back as there is enough space to work on though the arm can also work. Nevertheless, the Aries constellation tattoo can also be considered as it is a simple design of tattoo for people with much less space to work and can also be creative, incorporating stars in the tattoo or just a sketch of the rams horns with some Aries stars on.