Armband Tattoos

Armband tattoos are a continuous design of tattoo where the pattern encircles a particular portion of the body. The concept of the armband is to have a permanently inked bracelet or band. Armbands are most often found on the bicep or upper arm- placed at the widest part of the arm. The style can also be worn on the wrist, upper forearm. Another popular area for bands are on the leg, known as leg bands.

There are all sorts of options for creating a unique and customized armband. An armband is an opportunity to create a statement that expresses a persons idea, character or beliefs. Armbands are permanent jewelry that can highlight not only what a person values but also what is meaningful to them.

There are many styles of armbands. Popular choices for armbands include barbwire designs, wreath or floral designs, tribal designs, the Celtic knot style, and many more.

Take a look through this catalogue of tattoo armbands for even more ideas.