Aztec Tattoos

Aztec civilization belonged to 14th century A.D. and was well-known for their symbols depicting their religion, sun, moon, warriors etc. Their most famous tattoos were those of their gods which showed the loyalty of the people to these higher powers. Aztecs also tattooed their warriors, which depicted the warriors’ rank as well as courage and bravery. Another use for tattoos was as a means of identity as different tribes had different tattoos and symbols.

Today, Aztec symbols are widely used as tattoos because they are highly detailed, look stunning as well as mysterious and hold deeper meanings. The Aztec warrior tattoo, for example, shows that the person with the tattoo is brave, fearless and strong. This is why this tattoo is very famous among men. The sun tattoo stands for heaven while eagle means honor and courage. There are many designs to choose from, all of them spectacular to behold.If you want to get a tattoo that looks amazing while also having a hidden meaning and being rich in historical culture, then an Aztec tattoo design is definitely for you.