Baby Tattoos

Tattoos are the images that one engraves in his or her body for a particular significance. Tattoos can be used to foster memory, a form of body decoration, or a way of covering certain marks in the body that one may feel he or she would like to cover.
Baby tattoos are those body paintings and engravings that represent babies on one’s skin. There are two types of baby tattoos; these are baby name tattoos and baby picture tattoos. Baby name tattoos in most instances are just but names nicely and plainly on one’s or could be coupled with some other drawings that make it more classic and appealing. Baby picture tattoos could be the actual picture of a baby or just some physical representation of a baby in the form of a drawing

There are varied reasons as to why people would wish to have baby tattoos engraved on their skins. Some people claim that their love for babies and pushes them to have such representations on their bodies, other also have a belief that such pictures may give them the good luck of having children. Mothers who have lost their newborns may also prefer to have their babies name engraved on their skin as a form of reminder.