Bat Tattoos

Legends and great myths are lurking around the existence of bats. Creatures associated with insidious evil, blood sucking and the underworld. Even before the advent of the myth of Dracula, the Greek had their version of stories about bats association with goddess Diana of fertility and motherhood. Americans associated them with death and rebirth whiles the Chinese happiness and good fortune.

Bat tattoos are a spectacular idea that has not been ventured into a lot. They can be a great initiator of gothic themes among others. Bat tattoo meanings can be either positive or negative;

  1. Negative meanings are those that are to create the effect of fear inspiring, dark forces, death and demons. This can be done by integrating them with other objects such as skulls, coffins, fallen angels, grip reapers. Color mainly black also causes this effect.
  2. The positive bat tattoo meanings are those of good luck, rebirth, and free spirit and happiness. Bat wings show a free spirit and inhibited limits. The moon and stars are used commonly with bat tattoos, as they are night animals.

Depending on your style, other bat tattoos can also inspire more modern and realistic themes.