Bear Tattoos

A bear tattoo has a powerful visual impact and is highly versatile. Bears are a popular animal to use for a tattoo, but there are so many potential designs that yours will always be unique and original. From grizzly bears, to polar bears, or even pandas, or koala bears, there are many different kinds of bear to choose from.

For many people the bear is a symbol of strength and power. Most bears are massive animals, fierce and strong, and in nature they are found right at the top of the food chain. Throughout history many cultures have worn their hides, and used their claws, teeth and bones, in order to absorb some of the powers of the animal. A bear tattoo can be used in a similar way, to give you strength and courage, and increase your confidence.

Bears are also known to be highly protective, so a bear tattoo can be a way of helping you to stay safe. Bear paw tattoos and bear claw tattoos are seen as very lucky, and symbolise stability and power. Tribal, or Celtic, bear tattoos are incredibly beautiful and intricate, and have a deep spirituality, showing a strong connection with nature and the earth.

Of course, bears have a softer side too. Teddy bear designs are also a great choice, symbolising love and affection, as well as providing a connection to childhood and lost innocence. Whatever you have in mind, a bear tattoo is sure to be perfect for the job.