Buddha Tattoos

Most people choose religious tattoos to represent their own beliefs.This has not left Buddhist(the religion and philosophy founded by the Nepalese teacher Gautama Buddha) out.Other than Buddhist many people from different religious backgrounds like Buddha tattoos this is because they are aesthetically appealing to them,they are also associated with honesty,luck,wealth,purity and blessings.Buddha tattoos can also be used to avoid harm and to prevent from misfortunes of any evil spirits.

Buddha tattoos center around images of budda,budhisattuas,lotus flowers and Dharma wheels each with a meaning.For instance lotus flower mean strength,rebirth and enlightment,Dharma wheels is to reprsent Budhism the same way cross is used to represent Christianity or a star of David represents Judaism,buddha is used to represent one who has achieve a state of perfect spiritual enlightment thereby attaining a nirvana.Buddha also represent likeness of Budhaa.

The different tattoo designs of buddha tattoo are;Buddha hand tattoo,head tattoo,elephant tattoo, Big buddha tattoo, skinny buddha tattoo and laughing buddha tattoo also known as a Golden Happy Buddha.Laughing Buddha tattoo was founded in 1996,it is a recognizable and light-heart tattoo to have one on your back or stomach.