Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom tattoos, what a beautiful way to go!

For the Japanese, their delicate, fragrant, and richly colored cherry blossoms have special meaning. Cloudlike, they symbolize the brevity of life while their beauty brings good fortune. For a tattoo artist, cherry blossoms offer challenges and opportunities in terms of color, shapes, and detail.

A cherry blossom tattoo might cluster dainty flowers in varied shades of pink, pale to red. Japanese cherry blossom tattoos might fit nicely on a shoulder, or a cherry blossom tree branch might stretch along an arm, leg, or torso. And, the delicacy might be highlighted with the addition of a butterfly, a honey bee, or an inch worm.

Women customers seem to prefer the cherry blossom tattoo because of its lightness, color, and beauty. However, some men opt for the Chinese perception of cherry blossoms as symbols of power in more stylized or abstract tattoos. You can choose your Japanese cherry blossom tattoo at