Chest Tattoos

Tattoos are symbolic in nature. Every beautiful or ugly tattoo you see out there has a meaning. Tattoos can be inked on any part of the body depending on the desire and conviction of the bearer. But for chest tattoos, one has to be choosy especially if you are a type that flaunts his or her chest around. There are chest tattoos for both men and women. Most people choose a symbol they like for a tattoo or one with the message they intend to send to whoever cares to look.

Common chest tattoo for men include, writings, a star, a gun, dove, dragon, X-men, scripture, love, cult, and many more. Women also love chest tattoos for expression of love, religion, character and other likes. While men admire some scary symbols, women do exactly the opposite. Whichever tattoo of your choice, know that tattoos can be used to make judgment of you. Other than concentrating on beauty and passion, always try to understand the meanings of each symbol before you ink it on your chest.