Chinese Tattoos

Chinese tattoos are one of the strongest tattoo trends in the world right now. The single Chinese letter tattoo is one of the most popular designs requested. They are simple yet expressive in meaning and significance. A single letter can represent a strong emotion or feeling such as courage, friendship or love. You choose the emotion or feeling that is significant to you and a single Chinese letter tattoo can represent that. Many choose these to represent a significant event in their life.

Chinese symbol tattoos also make simple but eloquent designs. There is a Chinese symbol for nearly everything. Some of the common Chinese symbols requested often for tattoo design include the Chinese symbol for love, determination, friendship, happiness and peace. Chinese symbols for holidays are also very popular.

Chinese Dragon tattoos are deep in meaning. To the Chinese, the dragon has long symbolized mystery and power and represent strong attributes such as wisdom strength. The designs are intricate and unique. They are characterized by bright colors and elaborate design laced with vivid expressions of the dragon’s features. The details are very precise down to the number of scales and type of teeth.

Rich in history and deep in meaning, Chinese Tattoos are classic designs to last a lifetime.