Clown Tattoos

The generation of today loves tattoos a great deal. You will find every college-going boy displaying some sort of tattoo on his person. Some may be just pictures or designs. Some may like to display their romantic feelings for their beloved. We shall now see a different kind of tattoo that could just bring a smile to your face. These are the clown tattoos for you.

• The Joker: Any person, who has seen the film about the Batman, would never forget the face of The Joker. You can view young people displaying this design on their sleeve. This might be an example of the evil clown tattoos.

• The Good Clown: Not every clown would be as mean as the Joker is. There are good clowns as well. In fact, the clown is the only person in the world who has to keep a smiling face always, even on the days, he feels sad. You will find this aspect in detail in this clown face tattoo.

• The Ultimate Clown: The clown is the person who has the uncanny ability to laugh at his own self. You can bring out this facet of your personality by displaying this tattoo on your person.

Life is very short. You never know what will happen in future. Hence, enjoy your life to the fullest by living a clown’s life.