Couple Tattoos

Tattoos have become very common among the younger generation today. Tattoos have become a sort of a status symbol in life. You can see couples preferring to etch matching tattoos on their bodies symbolizing their love and commitment for each other. We shall now look at some attractive and unique matching couple tattoos during the course of this article.

1. Etching each other’s names: This is the most popular kind of couple tattoos where the couple etches their partner’s name on their wrist, arm, or shoulder.
2. Etching contrasting names or descriptions: Many people love this kind of matching tattoos as well. Certain examples of this kind of tattoo would be “Beauty/Beast” and the “King/Queen” design.
3. Continuous tattoo: You can see this kind of tattoo becoming the tattoos for couples today, as many people now evince interest in such tattoos. The design would be such that it would start on the wrist of one person and move continuously to the partner’s wrist. You would have to place both the wrists together to get the complete picture. One popular example of this kind of a tattoo is the key and the lock tattoo.

We have seen three unique designs of matching tattoos. You can see that they can make an effective statement of love and commitment.