Cross Tattoos

Cross design tattoos is no doubt the most popular tattoo design especially for men, it represents a lot in different ways, The cross sign represents Jesus christ’s holy triumph over sin , it represents atonement and a sign of God’s love after he sacrificed his life for human salvation which is also known as “Crucifix”

The cross sign is regarded as a holy sign but you don’t necessarily have to be a Christian to have a cross design tattoo on you.

There are different types of Cross design tattoos

* Aztec cross pattern : this is a geometric print form which can either be intersected circle or plain.

*Tribal cross pattern : This is more modern and classic pattern, usually used by women on the legs or neck.

* Celtic cross pattern : This is the most popular traditional cross tattoos sometimes mixed with a Celtic knot pattern below the arms and around the biceps

Cross Design tattoo For men :

Cross design tattoo is known as the most fashionable tattoo it is also regarded as one of the oldest tattoo design, it best fits for fashion on the Chest or on the Arm, Male Fashion models with broad chest posing for a photo shoot or on the runway sometimes show off their sexiness through a visible cross design tattoo, it make clothing more fashionable and attractive.

There are different types of cross design tattoos ranging from big to small size and thickness. you might want to consider a more visible and thicker design when planning on getting one on you.

Cross Design Tattoo for women :

Cross design tattoo for women is always in vogue and very attractive, one good thing about the cross tattoo is its unique unisex image.

Cross design tattoo for women can be fashionable when drawn on the heels, on the neck or a big visible one at the back, women tend to be more in control with a huge tattoo on the back and on the neck. A cross tattoo on the back signifies power, while on the neck or leg signifies passion. Female models with visible cross design tattoos appears to be more attractive especially on a bikini show. with the power to attract the judges attention.