Crown Tattoos

A crown is usually worn in the royal family by the king or queen to symbolize supremacy, power or wealth. It might also symbolize royalty or preciousness. A crown tattoo will depict you as a wealthy person, powerful in your own way, supreme or royal. It might also be used to present you as a precious person.
King’s crown tattoo

The king is a ruler, leader and the head of a certain sovereignty. Specially for males, this tattoo will portray you as a person with leadership qualities or a ruler in a certain field such as business or career in your own right. It might also a symbol of masculine power, wealth and pride .
Queen’s crown tattoo

As the highest feminine figure in any monarchy, the queen is definitely a very precious and powerful person. a queen’s crown tattoo is mostly fit for symbolism of feminine power. it can also show female preciousness or pride