Dagger Tattoos

Daggers are smaller weapons used in assassination or murder. Being smaller than a sword, daggers are more often used in an assassination plot like killing using a hidden weapon. Small, pointy, and dangerous. So dagger tattoos represent death, ruthlessness, betrayal, danger, heartache, fearlessness, and intimidation. Men are often fond of Dagger tattoos; however, you can also find women with these tattoos on their skin.

Dagger Tattoo comes in several different styles and with different combinations. The traditional dagger tattoo is seen mostly in combination with an Army skull, Snake, bleeding heart, or a dragon.

While you combine the dagger with the heart, together they symbolize betrayal and heartache. When dragon combination is used, that symbolizes the fact that everything can be conquered no matter the size. When you use snake in combination with the dagger, then it symbolizes healing effect. That is why medical professionals are mostly addicted to this style of dagger tattoo.

There are many other great styles in the tattoo such as Army Dagger Tattoo, Army Skull Soldier Holding Dagger Tattoo, army skull with dagger tattoo, Asian dagger tattoo, Adam dagger tattoo, Snake dagger, bird, and heart.

Common placement of tradition dagger tattoos is arm, back of the shoulders, leg, back of the body, or in the chest.