Daisy Tattoos

A symbol of purity, virtue, and innocence, daisy flower tattoos are mostly adopted by female audience. The color white represents purity and the color yellow represent joy, and intellect. Collectively, they both represent innocence, purity, virtue, and joy. In Norse mythology, Daisy symbolizes Freya Goddess, the Goddess of, Love, sensuality, and affection. Therefore, females usually like to have daisy flower tattooed on their skin. Daisy is also considered as the symbol of the sun. As the sun is yellow from the center and rays are white, same you can see in the Daisy flower. Therefore, people also associate warmth, energy, and light with the flower. Outgoing people who love to stay alive, enjoying their time are mostly fond of Daisy. Therefore, they can also try the Daisy tattoos.

Experts know where to place the tattoo and what should be the size of the tattoo. Common placements of the tattoos are on the side of the shoulders, lower back, wrists, ankles, forearm, elbow, stomach, calf, back of the neck, and the collar bone.

Daisy Tattoos are available in different styles and colors. Such as Daisy Gerber Tattoo on shoulders, Daisy tattooed on your backside, Wrist tattoo, Purple Cluster of Daisy, White daisy, Daisy spider web, and Daisy with multiple colors. People also use the tattoos with combination of butterflies, dragonflies, trees, and leaves.