Dolphin Tattoos

Today’s generation wants to express what they feel and there is no better way than tattoos to represent the person’s ideologies and thoughts. Tattoos are a permanent way to signify what you think about your life on your body.

The most unique tattoo design is the dolphin. Dolphin is considered the king of fishes in many ancient beliefs and hence dolphin tattoo meaning is having kingly qualities and an ambition to live a royal life Dolphin tattoos also indicate playfulness and friendship as dolphins are very responsive creatures. Christian religion also symbolizes dolphins as a representation of Christ and they are linked with resurrection of the god.

In Greek culture, dolphin tattoos hold a special place as dolphins are the compatriot of the Greek god Apollo. Many tribes consider tattoos to be sacred and not just a work of art. Tribal dolphin tattoos represent their rituals and tribe eminence in the society. They consider this tattoo to be the symbol of power of water and not just a body art.