Egyptian Tattoos

There is no doubt that the Egyptian mythology is full of secrets. The ancient Egypt also contained several esoteric societies and mysterious relics that are still a topic of extensive investigation. When these Egyptian secrets, relics and symbolism are depicted on our skin, they form one of the most dynamic and admirable tattoos.

Egyptian tattoos are compelling and full of mystery. This makes them the paramount in tattoo culture and also the most sought-after tattoos of today. Egyptian gods and goddesses are the most influential tattoos for both men and women. You can see them on the skin of most tattoo fanatics, including some of your favorite celebrities.
Among all mysterious Egyptian tattoo designs, the Egyptian Eye tattoo is the most fascinating and mysterious. Also known as the Eye of Horus, it might be totally perplexing and complicated at best. The Egyptian Eye is simply a mixture of archetypal significance and several distinct symbols. Essentially, the symbol is a combination of many distinct meanings all tangled up in one single neat bundle.

The Eye tattoo is inscribed in three major variations that includes โ€” the eye itself, the eye with a teardrop marked at the corner and a spiral stretching out from the base of the eye. Each of these tattoo designs have distinct significance and different sources explain them differently.

So with the rise in demand for more intricate and mysterious Egyptian tattoo designs, it’s your turn to get yourself the most dynamic Egyptian tattoo that you can display with pride.