Fleur de lis tattoos

The fleur de lis, French for flower of lily, is a very popular tattoo design. It is thought to be a stylized version of either the beautiful lily flower Iris pseudacorus, or the irises that naturally grow along the Lys in France. Whichever flower it is modeled after, the fleur de lis is a legendary symbol, highly significant in art, politics and religion both in ancient and modern symbolism.

There are a wide range of customized fleur de lis tattoo designs to choose from depending on what you want the tattoo to signify in your life. Different colors and styles bring out different meanings and interpretations. The three petals can represent faith, wisdom and chivalry or the holy trinity. The flower has also been associated with harmony, wealth, honor, valor and unity. However, some people prefer combining the tattoo with other designs to create unique designs with special meanings.

Fleur de lis tattoo ideas are endless. There are so many places that you can get inked depending on the size and unique design you want. Some people opt to get small tattoos on their fingers or wrists while others get bigger designs on their backs or chest.

Its elegance and the rich history it depicts makes the fleur de lis tattoo more than a mere work of art on your skin. It represents something more; a seal of honor and royalty.