Foot tattoos

Foot tattoos are awesome, they tend to raise ones’s social standing. Let’s take a closer look.Foot tattoos tend to be more painful since the foot mostly has more bone than muscle and this translates into more recovery time which may last up to 3 months. Foot tattoos also tend to fade over time due to frequent use of the foot, exposure to the sun or rubbing of shoes. Retouching is inevitable and is advised to go to where you got the original tattoo.

Due to closeness of the foot to the ground, hygiene is vital in proper healing of the foot tattoo. In the case of scabs,one should let them fall off on their own to avoid taking off the ink. Foot tattoos tend to raise the adrenaline which can get addictive, but before you think of getting a second or third tattoo let the previous one heal for about 6 months.

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