Half sleeve tattoos

Do you prefer a fully visible tattoo to everyone or do you prefer it at an area that not many people can see it? This preference appeals to different people in different ways depending either on the reason for getting the tattoo or the choice and being able to hide it when at work. A half sleeve tattoo normally covers half of the arm which is normally from the shoulder to the elbow. A half sleeved tattoo then becomes a perfect preference as one can hide it under a shirt depending on the occasion one is attending or leave it to full public display if and when he feels comfortable to do so.

Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

The increasing preference and growing trend of half sleeve tattoos is becoming an accepted phenomenon due to the ability of men being able to express themselves through body art. Half sleeve tattoos for men are becoming increasingly popular as they give the advantage of being able to be hidden under a person’s shirt or being left to display making biceps appear more attractive. The wide range of half sleeved tattoos for men leave many spoilt for choice but it is worth noting that one should be careful when making this choice as one stays with the tattoo for life. Men have been seen to mostly to go for tribal, dragon, maori and Polynesian designs.

Half Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Women also have chosen to go the half sleeve way due to similar understanding of preferences due to visibility. Women have been seen to prefer flower designs and water color designs even though popularity is increasing for customized designs at times with skulls or angels. Half sleeve tattoos can enhance one’s appearance but are also chosen at times due to occurrence of a sentimental event to an individual.