Pisces Tattoos

Pisces tattoos, among other zodiac sign tattoos, are nowadays very popular. However, pisces tattoos are present for a long time and can be considered kind of old school. That is because this motive was widely spread amongst the sailors, who were responsible for early success of tattoo art. Pisces tattoo designs are very variable and they give you plenty of choices and different meanings to choose from.

If your horoscope sign is Pisces, you can opt for a zodiac’s glyph tattoo design. Basically, it represents simplified drawing of two fish, facing away from each other, connected with a single line in the middle (looks like letter H). This symbol shows Pisces are indecisive (since fish are swimming in opposite directions), but also have the ability to see things from different perspectives.

Another form of pisces tattoo is simply image of two fish. Since fish are very variable, there is a great number of ideas for your fish tattoo. It can vary from simple outlines to an incredibly highly detailed tattoo design.

Fans of Japanese and Chinese mythology are probably familiar with Koi fish, which can also be a very interesting tattoo design. This tattoo represents courage and strenght, depicting fish going against the tide.

One the other hand, pisces can be depicted as dolphins, thanks to Greek mythology, or any other sea creature (sharks, mermaids, whales, seahorses) which gives you great opportunity to have a very personalized and indvidual pisces tattoo design.