Rose tattoos

The rose is by far the most used type of flower when it comes to tattoos, either for men or women. The great diversity of shapes, colors, positions allow it to associate with all the reasons and all the locations of the body, making it very popular. Moreover, the roses tattoos add an emotional or poetic note, and also to the darkest tattoo designs.

It has always fascinated people who have always associated various symbols. For poets and writers, the rose represents above all an allegory of love. The red rose tattoo obviously evokes passion and romance, but can also suggest pain and blood. The tattoo of a pink rose may refer to romanticism and tenderness. The tattoo of a white rose will represent purity and innocence, while the yellow rose symbolizes betrayal, lies and infidelity.

But beyond their symbolism, the rose tattoos are highly aesthetic tattoo designs that are often chosen simply for their beauty and the fascination they exert on us.