Word Tattoos

Word tattoos are a wonderful way to reveal to others an idea you believe in, reenforce an identity about yourself, or remind yourself of something important you hold dear. Tattoos are much more than brands or labels; they are an extension of a person’s personality including their core beliefs and values. People get tattoos for many different reasons; however, I would like you to admire what each tattoo or collection of tattoos in these photographs is expressing about that particular individual.

These tattoos are pieces of art and they should be appreciated for the good qualities that they have. Obtaining a “tat” by an artist who you particularly like means that piece of artwork, made specifically for you, is yours, forever, and that is pretty cool. Getting a tattoo means you have an awesome taste, nothing else. Now go and appreciate the awesome taste that all of these people have for word tattoos. I hope you enjoy this collection of modern word art.

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