Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are a great choice for those that are new to tattoos or for those that simply want to make a subtle statement. Although the wrist is only a small portion of your body, it is very versatile location for a tattoo. Since the wrist, especially the inner wrist, is a subtle and intimate way to express yourself with a tattoo, people often choose to place their most intimate tattoos in this location. Often times, people will place the names of loved ones or even motivational words or short phrases in this location. Due to the ease of being able to see the tattoos in this location yourself, these tattoos serve as great reminders of loved ones, or daily inspiration.

Another choice with a wrist tattoo is to get a full band that encircles the wrist. This design style is great to build off of and extend into a sleeve or even down onto the hand. The ability to expand upon a tattoo is always important, and is not possible in all locations. If you decide later that you would like to expand your tattoo design more, there will be plenty of room to do so on your arm or forearm.